Andrea Wilming


“Who am I…?” Why did I create the Black Forest Cake Sessions?

During the Corona year of 2020, TBFCS emerged as a spontaneous platform. It became rather clear how much we freelancers need and value exchange, especially beyond the boundaries of our own specialist topics, regions, or knowledge.

Basically, I intuitively created for myself what I had not found anywhere else. The community of TBFCS continues to grow as people from all continents join our sessions and the positive feedback provides me with new energy.



In her profession of simultaneous interpretation, Andrea Wilming is usually found in the background and and lets others enjoy the spotlight they deserve. However, in her free time she likes to be on stage just as much and has been seeking proximity to the theatre for decades. She enjoys hosting thought-provoking input presentations, she is an avid book reader, amateur thespian, and mountain climber, needs eight hours of sleep and has an obvious weakness for sweet pastries. Coffee? Yes, please!


Lisa Woytowicz


And now, we are excited to meet you! There are several ways to learn more about The Black Forest Cake Sessions at this point: Either by personal e-mail or newsletter or by directly registering for one of the upcoming dates (list to follow). Join us soon for a (virtual) piece of cake!